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Skin Care Treatment for Wrinkles

Skin Care Treatment for Wrinkles (…..and everything in between)

Isn’t it time that you fall in love with your skin? Everyone’s here telling you what perfect skin looks like. Perfect Skin is not zero pores, zero acne, zero blemishes, perfect same even tone and texture that’s not perfect skin. Perfect skin has imperfections! At Specialty Dripps by Afton we’re here to spread the word on loving the skin you’re in no matter what concerns you may have. We have professional medical grade products that help with various skin needs such as acne, anti-aging, sunspots, wrinkles, and everything in between. You can’t possibly expect to get any kind of results from grocery store or mall outlets products. Getting clean medical source Pharmacy grade products on your skin is the best way to see real changes to amplify the lovely skin you already have.

If one of the concerns you have is around aging, wrinkles or how to prevent it or ‘what if I haven’t done anything to my skin and now I don’t know if it’s too late,’ or what can be done.. You’re in the right place! Specialty Dripps by Afton has the best device for skin resurfacing that leaves you with minimal downtime. We know down time can play a huge factor in taking care of your skin. Let’s face it, we’re in Colorado and we love being outdoors. We love soaking up the sun and being social. We don’t have time to be stuck in our house for 2 months even if we do get lovely looking skin. Venus Viva resurfacing procedure targets the deepest layers of your skin with an energy frequency. Using tiny pins to deliver Nano fractional radio frequency through the skin surface creates microscopic wounds that tell your skin to produce collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts which then heal your skin and make more healthy skin that leads to radiant smooth and more even textured skin. There are no needles that actually puncture the skin during this procedure but for more extensive treatments this can be paired with our micro-needling device to amplify your results. Another bonus step you can use to amplify your Venus Viva procedure are our stem cells and growth factor solution that put 21-year-old growth factors into your skin that help amplify the collagen and elastin production and help with healing & down time.

Now this device is amazing for any single face, whether that be scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, uneven skin, tone active acne … Even other areas of the body like your stomach are able to be treated using this procedure. It is best to commit to three treatments to enhance your results and really start making a difference for your skin. We will put you on a skincare regimen and an aftercare regimen during your treatments so you get the best possible results that you can.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in find us on Instagram @specialtydripps or shoot me a text or call 720-593-1846 and I’d love to set you up with a free consultation. Unfortunately these procedures can only be performed at our office in Denver, Colorado so we hope to see you in the office soon.

*** If you are not in the Denver metro area and would still like a free consultation on which medical grade products might be best for you and your skin enhancement we’d love to chat with you and get you feeling great about the skin you’re in!!***

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