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IV Vitamin Hydration in Denver, Colorado - FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

“What are Peptides exactly?” Well…


Peptides are.... a string of amino acids that serve as the building block of protein. 

Did you know as you age, your body does not produce as much as when you were younger...go figure huh?!


Peptides are not "steroids", "juice", "roids", "Arnolds", "gear", 'hype", "pumpers"....

Our lab made Peptides mimic some of the amino acids your body naturally produces, or helps to kick start the production of others to enhance your body's response.

After sitting down with our medical professional and assessing your health history, we can create a treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

See below for peptide options.



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With over 15 different formulas, some of the key benefits of our specially formulated Peptides include:

  • weight loss

  • reduce fat storage

  • decrease appetite

  • anti-aging

  • improve muscle recovery

  • burns fat

  • speeds up metabolism

  • accelerates wound healing

  • activates repair

  • anti-inflammatory

  • repairs nerve damage

  • lowers blood pressure

  • joint health

  • enhances cognitive perf.

  • ligament healing

  • gut symptoms

  • muscle gain

  • immune booster

  • improve sleep

  • increase energy

  • regulates response to stress

  • modulates cortisol levels

  • helps with pain

  • heals deteriorated muscle cells

  • fountain of youth

  • skin health

  • decrease anxiety

  • boost libido

  • regulate menstrual cycle

  • can help fm fertility

  • increase sperm count

  • improve testosterone production

  • regulates cellular DNA

  • antimicrobial

  • helps with acne

What is Semaglutide? It is a medication originally used to help treat diabetic patients that has a side effect of weight loss. It is one injection a week that you give yourself at home.

How does it work? Semaglutide decrease your appetite and slows your gastric emptying so you feel full longer. 

What are the side effects? The most common side effect is nausea. Our formulation is compounded with another peptide so it helps to heal the gut and decrease the nausea effect. It also helps to heal other muscles and joint pain. WIN WIN!!

What results can I expect? While every BODY is different, it is common to see up to 4% decrease of your body weight each month. Some people are seeing 3-7 pound loss a week.This is not a "quick fix" and participants should expect to be on the medication for 6-12 months.

**We know you can go anywhere for this treatment, but at Specialty Dripps By Afton, we actually care about health and wellbeing and not just about making a sale. We will educate you and walk through step by step to make sure you are safe and healthy during your journey**

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Each client must have a health assessment with a medical provider prior to placing peptide order.


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