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IV Vitamin Hydration in Denver, Colorado - FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

“What is IV vitamin hydration?” you ask? Well…


IV Vitamin Hydration helps to get the important vitamins and fluid directly into your cells for your body to use. 


Did you know when at altitude, your body loses hydration twice as fast, just while breathing? Now if you are active, or even sick, your body's working overtime, compensating for that loss, putting your organs at risk for failure.


When your body has optimal levels of nutrients, you have great energy, intense focus, and glowing skin. How do you achieve these outcomes? Easy… call, text, email, DM us or book your appointment right here! We have a team of Registered Nurses that are willing to jump into action in order for you to feel better.


After messaging us, we will make sure you are a good candidate for our services and get you booked. Better yet, if you know you are going to be traveling or exhausting your body in any way, pre-book with us so we can ensure we have a nurse available for you.


Our mobile IV spa comes to you and makes a special Dripp just for your needs. After the Dripp is complete, most people feel a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s amazing what happens when your body is in a state of optimization.



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The Ozone Dripp is designed to administer hyper-oxygenated blood into your body to help rid the toxins.


Ozone Dripp is an intravenous infusion given by Registered Nurses to provide supplementation.

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH Ozone Therapy)

The ozone IV infusion therapy helps to deliver hyper oxygenated blood to your body. When the IV solution is infused into your bloodstream, the ozone (o3) binds to your red blood cells and carries more oxygen around your body and helps to deliver more energy for the cells and tissues. This energy helps boost the blood cells and can be helpful in decreasing fatigue and pain, in most cases. This therapy has been used with autoimmune disorders to help the body fight off free radicals and acts like an antioxidant also. 



Our team of expert Nurses places an IV catheter and remove a specified amount of blood from the client while in our office. Once the blood is drawn, it is mixed with ozone and is injected into the infusion bag. This allows the blood cells to attach to the ozone. The ozonated blood is then returned to the body via IV Dripp.



We understand that there are times when you need us right away. We do our best to accommodate every need as best as we can, and with growing client needs for IV Vitamin Hydration, we will always do our best to serve you at our earliest convenience. We observe the right to charge a flat rush fee of $50 if you request an IV Therapy delivered to you within a 1-2 hour time frame.



Although we try to align your service with an expert Registered Nurse in your area, your Nurse is permitted to charge an “extra mileage fee” for services provided outside their service area. You will be notified if this will apply to your service.



By purchasing your desired IV or service ahead of time, you are ensured the delivery of said IV or service. Packages are valid for 1 (one) year from purchase date. Thank you for your understanding.

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