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Say it with me...Immunity!

Afton Bryant, RN, Specialty Dripps by Afton

What’s the big hype on boosting your immunity? Your immune system is your biggest defense against bacterial pathogens out in the world. Everyone’s immune system is custom made to the individual person. There are some people that are dealing with autoimmune diseases that need to pay close attention to the heightened need to boost their immunity.

Next, I’m sure you’ve heard about antioxidants. Antioxidants are a substance that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals. What are free radicals? Free radicals are an unstable molecule that the body produces as a reaction to environmental stressors (Medical News Today, 2018).

So, you may be wondering now, what do I do with this information? Basically the idea is to load your body up with antioxidants so that they can fight off the free radicals in your body. Some examples of free radicals are vitamin c, zinc and glutathione.

Conveniently, we offer ALL of these. Now, sure, you could eat foods that are very high in antioxidants but the amount you would need to eat is so absurd you would spend more money at Whole Foods than on your rent!

For your convenience, Specialty Dripps offers IV hydration therapy and vitamin injections that we can customize specifically for your needs. For preventative needs, or if you are feeling a little under the weather or feel that seasonal tickle in your throat- call us up and we will give you the boost you need to fight it off.

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