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Mask-Ne & How do we Deal?


Krystal Engles, LE, Specialty Dripps by Afton

Mask acne is an ongoing issue for myself and most people in the world these days. Unfortunately we can’t avoid wearing the masks completely. You know, for health and all. But there is something you can do to remain preventative and to help your skin stay happy and clear.

So, here’s a breakdown to help you better understand why mask-ne is a thing. Acne is, as we all know, a build up of bacteria below the surface of the skin that can be caused by a multitude of things. Diet, improper skincare products, environmental changes and internal stress levels can all cause a breakout. While all of these things COULD be the cause for your breakouts happening below your nose, it’s most likely caused from the mask itself and let me tell you why.

For starters, the most simple solution is to wash your mask with antibacterial soap very frequently. I’m talking like once or twice a week. This is going to ensure that little to no bacteria is built up over time, wear after wear. The next thing that causes the mask congestion is because it’s literally suffocating your skin. Some of us wear makeup on a daily basis and while we wear these masks and breathe into them all day long we are literally opening our pores because of the heat and moisture, and creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive. A hot, damp and dark environment.

How Can I Avoid That?

Well, aside from regularly washing your mask, you should also be diligent about your professional facial routine. This is going to help keep your pores clean and skin healthy. Medical grade products and special facial tools all come together to rid any existing acne spots as well as prevent any future breakouts. My best advice to to find a reliable esthetician to consult a long term skincare plan with. With their knowledge and God-like skincare powers, remaining on a scheduled facial routine will help your cells turnover quicker to reveal new skin and also will better regulate your congestion issues and lessen problem areas over time.

Gimme a Breakdown:

Wash that mask!! Don’t avoid it, your skin will be angry. Be loyal to your skincare routine LIKE ITS YOUR JOB. Find a bomb esthetician to provide you the most up to date and professional knowledge on products and services. Take care of yourself, inside and out.

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