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Baby Botox

Afton Bryant, RN, BSN, MHA Master Injector

Botox used to be associated with older, wealthy women who wanted to encapsulate the beauty of their youth. However, recent trends have turned this stereotype on its head! With younger and younger women, AND MEN, getting a mini version of the procedure called ‘baby botox’. Baby botox has become the ‘It’ procedure these days, garnering attention from Tik Tok bloggers, to big time celebrities.

Similar to traditional botox, baby botox is the same neurotoxin injected into the skin, but at a much smaller dose, resulting in much more natural results. Due to the delicate nature of the procedure, many young men and women are using baby botox as a way to prevent harsh wrinkles. Instead of the usual dose of 40-60 units of Botox, about 20 units are given to relax the muscles in your face that create the profound wrinkles you’re trying to prevent. This not only smooths skin texture and appearance, it is also gentle enough to avoid the ‘frozen’ look that is usually associated with botox.

Botox can be used in a variety of different ways. For your face, we can use it on your forehead to smooth wrinkles, in between your eyes on the 11’s you may have, and around the outside of your eyes, commonly known as crow’s feet. Some other areas are the jelly roll that can help to open the eye, the eyebrow lift that can help to lift a heavy brow a bit, and around the lips. Another recent craze is the lip flip or fixing a gummy smile.

Baby botox isn’t just for young people, you can get it at any age after 18. For older skin, it still gives subtle, natural results that smooth texture, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With our current culture more and more interested in caring for their skin and using preventative measures to help with the signs of aging, don’t you think you should give it a try?

Here at Specialty Dripps By Afton, our team of expert Registered Nurses are highly trained in giving these procedures and can help you achieve the results you have been dreaming of. Call, text, or DM us on Instagram to schedule your free consultation, and see what baby botox can do for you.

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