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Give skin a next-level boost of hydration with this limited-edition Hydrating Fruit Mist Kit! This Moisture-Locking Apple & Cranberry Facial Mist Duo instantly refreshes fatigued skin as it helps seal in hydration and give skin that post-facial glow. Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, each daily facial mist essence helps moisturize skin throughout the day as needed to help condition, balance and firm the appearance of the complexion. Formulated for all skin types and an easy addition to your AM or PM skincare routine, the Hydrating Fruit Mist Kit features two moisture-locking essences that can be used after you cleanse and tone and also as a pre-moisture treat before applying your favorite serum to help lock in all the skin-loving skincare benefits.

Cosmedix Hydrating Mist Kit

    Instantly refresh fatigued skin with the ultra-conditioning, fruit water-infused benefits in this spa-like Hydrating Fruit Mist Kit! Ideal for all skin types, this limited-edition Moisture-Locking Apple & Cranberry Facial Mist Essence Duo pampers skin with much-needed hydration. Featuring a mix of botanical extracts and skin-replenishing superstars, the Hydrating Fruit Mist Kit gives skin a boost of radiant-looking glow. This AM/PM facial mist essence duo helps freshen and restore the complexion with every spritz.

    • Hydrates and replenishes skin with essential moisture
    • Gives skin a boost of radiant-looking glow

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