Rush Fee $50

We understand there are times when you help right away! We try to accomodate every need as we can. With growing client needs, we will do our best to serve you at our earliest convenience. We observe a flat rush fee of $50 if you need our services brought to you within a 1-3 hour time frame.

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THE Hangover -Hangover Dripp $120

So you just had a great night, or two, out with your friends. Whether it was a concert, event, wedding festivities, or just catching up with friends; we have you covered. Give us a call and we will bring our Mobile IV Vitamin Therapy hangover treatment directly to you!  

With an infusion of saline and vitamins, THE Hangover blend is specially designed to boost your energy and get you back on your feet.

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Mile High Club – Altitude Sickness/Jet Lag Dripp $140

Welcome to Beautiful Colorado! Along with the great scenery and unlimited amount of activities to partake in, comes the thin air. Don’t worry we will give your body a boost of volume and energy to get you back out to enjoy your stay. Don’t let altitude sickness put a damper on your mile-high adventure! This wellness treatment will have you conquering your adventure.

With the hustle and bustle of life these days, we can’t afford to miss a day due to jet lag. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, this IV Vitamin Therapy dripp is great prior to traveling to help prevent fatigue, or when you get back after a week of indulging yourself. This treatment helps to get your body back in the swing of your normal routines. This cocktail has been given to pilots and flight attendants for years now to help them adjust to their ever changing schedules. It can work for you too!

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FLU Shot -Immunity Boost Dripp $150

You have been diligent in washing your hands and kept your distance from those sneezing at the office, yet you have still managed to catch “The Bug”. Our FLU Shot Dripp has been designed with an extra boost of Vitamin C and Zinc to kick start your immune system and minimize the length of your cold. Let us bring our Mobile IV Vitamin Therapy directly to you when you can't get out of bed.

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Head Banger -Migraine/John Myers Cocktail Dripp $160

Anyone who has experienced a migraine or frequent headaches knows the last thing you want to do is leave the house. Give us a call and we will bring your relief to your doorstep. For years, hospitals have been using the John Myers Cocktail to treat patients with headaches and migraines. This wellnes treatment gives you back what your body is missing. This mixture has been used since 1954 around the country with known results. We are able to add anti-nausea and pain medications as needed.

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Gainzville -Post Workout Dripp $160

So you just completed your competition or match. Your body is exhausted from depleting every nutrient it had to give you a great performance. Let us help your body recover quicker with our perfect blend of hydration and vitamins; including amino acids for muscle recovery and vitamin B for energy restoration. The pure amino acids go directly to your exhausted muscles to restore them quickly.

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Single Shots- ADD Ons

Single Saline Dripp- $100
Vitamin B12 (Energy Boost)- $20
Vitamin C (Immunity Boost)- $20
Vitamin Zinc (Immunity/Skin Boost)- $20

Energizer B-unny -Vitamin B12 Injection $30

Don’t have time for an infusion, our Vitamin B shots are a great way to have long lasting energy to make it through the workweek, or to get you kick started for the weekend festivities. B12 Vitamin shots help improve mood, increase energy, and aid in fat loss. Start with one per week for four weeks, then get one monthly booster to keep your energy levels up.

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Breath of Fresh Air -Oxygen Infusion $30

Being in the Mile High City we have a reduced amount of oxygen in the air. Inhaling pure O2 enhances health and well-being. Including strengthening immune system, enhancing concentration, and increasing energy. It also increases alertness and lessens the effects of hangovers. It is great to use in conjunction with our IV treatments to further promote healing in the body. Oxygen use helps the body to reduce workload and focus on healing processes in your body.

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RBF -Botox Injections $12/unit

Botox is essential to maintaining a youthful appearance and decreasing lines and wrinkles. With over 3 years of injection experience, our Registered Nurse Injector can give you the treatment that fits your need. Botox is a great prevention treatment in order to reduce the use of painful lasers and chemical peels in the future. We are specially trained to provide a safe and accurate consultation and treatment plan that meets your individual needs. This is a great add on treatment while in the comfort of your own home to maintain discretion.

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